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All Alternative Transport requests to and/or from the Rural Program must be submitted through this form, for consideration by our Chief of Operations. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Any Transport arranged by the Coordinators, school or community during the Rural Program does not need to be approved by the Chief of Operations. All sections in the Terms below still apply for any transport arranged during the week which uses alternative transport that was not arranged by the TLG Transport Officer.


Teach Learn Grow is not responsible in any way for any aspect of volunteers’ taking alternative transport to or from the Rural Program that is not arranged by the TLG Transport Officer.

Any volunteer who makes alternative travel arrangements to or from the TLG Rural Program must take full responsibility for:

1. The volunteer’s choice of any other person to transport them to or from the Rural Program, and any passengers who are driven by the volunteer.

2. The payment or arrangement of the insurance for this transport, including any vehicles that the volunteer takes to or from the Rural Program and any damages to these vehicles. Any vehicle taken by the volunteer must be third party insured, and the alternative transport will not be covered by TLG insurance.

3. Any other expenses incurred in relation to this transport, including vehicle repairs.

4. Notifying the coordinators at the volunteer’s school of their travel arrangements and the expected times of arrival or departure.