Support the education of rural kids in WA

On average, remote students are 2 years behind their metropolitan peers. 3 in 5 Indigenous students living in remote areas won't ever finish school.

Every year, TLG provides over 12,000 hours of free 1-to-1 tutoring and mentoring to 1,200 rural WA students.

Our eMentor Program aims to better prepare upper-primary students for the complex change to highschool. This program runs alongside our Rural Program to ensure TLG has a sustained impact on these students and their communities between each Rural Program. To continue running our programs, we need your support. Currently, the eMentor program reaches 5 schools in rural Western Australia; but we are aiming to expand this to 8 schools by the end of 2017.

100% of mentees said they look up to their eMentor as a positive role model

Your support will enable TLG to provide free tutoring and mentoring to students in remote areas for years to come. For some kids, this could mean the difference between completing school or not. To see the impact our programs have had over the last 5 years, click here.

You're directly supporting Teach Learn Grow to continue bridging the gap in education

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Volunteer Testimonials

Having the opportunity to travel to Norseman DHS was an absolute blessing. Even though it was TLG's first eMentor program with this school, the the staff and students were so welcoming and hospitable towards us, which made our experience volunteering all the more enjoyable. Building on that, there is such a  strong sense of community throughout the school; all the way from Kindy to Year 12 that I haven't found in many places and it was honestly quite breathtaking. I truly had the time of my life working with the school!

 Ashwin Rajendra