Mentors are recruited and attend training days
Mentors deliver online mentoring support and mathematics tutoring to a matched student
Across 7 WEEKS
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Acquired skills, resilience and emotional intelligence are surveyed at the end of the program to measure impact

headset logo Do you remember how nervous you felt on your first day of high school?

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Upper-primary school students are recommended for eMentor by the school and matched with mentors who prepare them for the complex changes in their life during their transition to high school.

Students are pooled from our Rural Program schools which allows us to have a sustained impact between consecutive programs as young, relatable figures in their life and oversee their maths development. They are paired with a university mentor who has similar interests to them and can be matched by same-sex on the school's request.

The students interact weekly for 1 hour with their online mentor through the SABA™ virtual classroom over a course of 7 weeks. They are usually in Year 6 and discuss a range of topics such as the importance of role models, goal setting, bullying and peer pressure and learn new skills aiming to build resilience and improve their emotional intelligence.

In addition, the sessions aim to provide mathematics tutoring based on segments of the Australian Curriculum which their teacher has identified knowledge gaps in.

of mentees said that talking about goals with their RP-Link mentor has made them think about their future
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Sessions are comprised of a mentoring component and a mathematics component and are 1 hour long. The mathematics component comprises of interactive learning activities towards an Australian Curriculum (ACARA) mathematics outcome which the student is struggling with. Throughout the session both mentors and mentees communicate with one another using video, text and an interactive whiteboard.

Mentoring content includes:
  • The role of a mentor and any mentors they have in their life
  • Student's strengths and weaknesses
  • Success and what it means to the student in their life
  • Bullying and peer pressure and what can cause people to bully
  • Goals and goal setting, including long and short-term goals
  • What inhibiting factors can affect us achieving goals and how to overcome them

  • After sessions Mentors debrief and collaborate with each other about effective activities to use with their Mentees for upcoming sessions. The weekly sessions are run in a group at a common location and are led by an eMentor coordinator.
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    Mentors volunteer a short amount of their time once a week, about 1.5hrs, in order to provide online, interactive support to rural students at partnered schools across 7 weeks.

    Training and Support

    Mentors are trained on various mentoring aspects of the program and learn strategies to build a constructive relationship with their mentee while aiming to discuss the topics covered in the program. They also receive training on mathematics tutoring and the SABA™ virtual classroom before being matched with a student. Additionally, a bank of resources and support is shared with mentors to assist their preparation for the mentoring sessions.


    Mentors prepare and source both mentoring and tutoring activities beforehand to use during their 1hr sessions relevant to their student, all while provided with support and resources from their eMentor coordinator and fellow eMentors. Mentors are provided with headsets and mice but need to have their own laptop.

    of mentees now know how to react in a positive way when other people are not nice to them
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    We mentor upper-primary students from our Rural Program schools Morawa District High School, East Kalgoorlie Primary School, and Wickham Primary School in the Pilbara.

    We run our eMentor programs alternating between, and in partnership with Rural Programs to ensure a stronger, more sustained impact with each and every student.

    We are currently calling for expressions of interest for our upcoming programs in April/May and September/October, which schools or teachers can do on our School Expression of Interest page.

    of mentees said they look up to their eMentor as a positive role model

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    Applications for the Semester 2 program will close on the 9th of August 2017

    What do our volunteers get out of it?

    are now more confident about being a leader
    developed skills during the program which can be applied to daily life
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    understand the factors that affect the development and growth of youth

    headset logo What our mentors say

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    eMentor was a fantastic opportunity, not only for me, but for my student. It was wonderful seeing my student open up to me over several weeks. We spoke about anything, telling jokes, bonding over hockey and obviously doing maths. I think it is really important for kids in rural areas to have good role models and I am so glad to be a relatable role model for my mentee. Our time together really made her realise that she could do anything
    — Tyler Reysenbach
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    eMentor is a great way to maintain involvement with TLG between Rural Programs. Developing a mentoring relationship with a primary school student who is hundreds of kilometres away is an innovative and positive use of the technology that educators have at their disposal today. I especially love learning about the mentees’ families, schools and communities, and realising how diverse Western Australia really is!
    — Monica Stanisis
    I absolutely loved my time on the eMentor program and looked forward to our sessions every week! The most rewarding feeling was seeing my mentee progress so quickly and enthusiastically. This program is such an amazing way of giving back to the community and is so beneficial for both mentee and mentor.
    — Natasha Dutton





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