Our Executive Team

The Teach Learn Grow Executive is responsible for ensuring the smooth organisation, financing and running of the Rural and eMentor Programs. The Executive is a tight-knit team whom work together to facilitate the growth of the Teach Learn Grow organisation.

Executive members are often faced with challenging situations that build their leadership, communication and organisation skills. Being a member of the executive team is a unique way for university students to build their professional and entrepreneurial skills. Executive members are constantly connecting with others during weekly meetings and social bonding events throughout the year. Executive positions are flexible, and we will do our best to find positions or roles for all talented and dedicated individuals, however openings are limited throughout the year.

If you are interested in applying for an Executive position, visit our Apply page.

Chief Executive Officer
Ella Ganfield

As Chief Executive Officer, Ella is responsible for the stewardship of Teach Learn Grow's strategic development. Collectively, this involves progressing fundraising through corporate and government sponsorships, social enterprise and grassroots campaigns in addition to oversight of the executive team.  Ella joined TLG in 2012 where she held the roles of tutor, coordinator and Chief of Operations. In 2013 she went on to start a business called Gecko Steps which runs coding and robotics programs in WA schools.

Chief Operating Officer
Marcus Leong


As Chief Operating Officer, Marcus is in charge of all the programs and initiatives that TLG runs. This includes TLG's flagship Rural Program, as well as the eMentor program. Marcus works closely with the Logistics, Recruitment, Education and eMentor team to ensure smooth running of TLG's operations. Marcus first got involved with TLG in 2014 as a Coordinator, and has since been on 3 Rural Programs. He is currently studying Dentistry at UWA, and has experience working in other not-for-profit organizations including TEDxUWA and Enactus UWA.


Internal Relations Manager
Danielle Shim

The Internal Relations portfolio is responsible for ensuring that all members of our Executive team feel as valued and as supported by Teach Learn Grow as possible. All of TLG's Managers and Officers are volunteers, and as a result it is very important that everyone feels they are receiving a tangible, personal benefit from donating their time and energy to this wonderful cause. They aim to achieve this through the running of social events, recognition awards and opportunities for further training and personal development.


Expenditure Manager
Holly Nilan

The Expenditure team is responsible for the day to day financial matters of the organization, including recording all income and expenses. They also design, purchase and market merchandise through the online store. Additionally, they purchase resources and t-shirts for the Rural Program and train coordinators in relevant budgeting matters. Furthermore, the team is responsible for the payroll and invoices of the Tutoring Centre. 

Logistics Manager
Ashiwn Rajendra

The logistics team works primarily to see the organisation of the Rural Program to come to fruition. They work with the schools TLG intends on visiting, plan the programs and organise transport for all TLG's volunteers who will be travelling to the schools throughout Rural WA. They also train all the coordinators who lead the teams for each program and ensure they engage with the school and the wider community. As Logistics Manager, Ashwin's role is essentially to oversee the operations within the team and provide support for our officers. He joined TLG because of his passion for striving towards equality and since then has not looked back, having loved every minute. 

Recruitment Manager
Madeline Stillman

The recruitment team is responsible for all Rural Program applications for both the tutors and coordinators as well executive recruitment. This involves making questions, liaising with other teams and designing the interviews. They ensure that TLG is sending people who are capable and passionate about TLG’s mission, and assist applicants with any queries they have during the application process. After seeing the incredible impact TLG was making, Danielle joined the executive team hoping she could make a difference and found herself being inspired by those she works with daily. She is excited and honoured to be the Recruitment Manager for TLG. 

Education Manager
Davina Sankar

The Education Manager, along with the Education Officers, creates the educational programs that are used on TLG’s Rural Program. This includes designing and running various training sessions, including lesson planning and disability awareness. This ensures tutors are prepared for the program as well as providing activities and worksheets that are aligned with the Australian Curriculum. With a background in education, Davina joined TLG with the aim of helping as many students as she can to feel an achievement in their education.

eMentor Manager
Monica Stanisis

The eMentor program emphasises equipping students with goal-setting skills, exposing them to relatable role models, and providing personal strategies to foster resilience and emotional intelligence. Run during Semesters 1 and 2, it allows TLG to have a sustained presence and impact at partner schools in between the intensive Rural Programs. The eMentor Team has a very generalist portfolio, overseeing everything from marketing and recruitment to logistics and fundraising as it pertains to the eMentor program. We work closely with the other TLG Executive Teams, and also with our fantastic volunteer mentors who effectuate the program every semester.

Marketing Manager
Josephine Le

The Marketing team is responsible for overseeing the Rural Program and eMentor marketing campaigns. This includes TLG's social media, production of multimedia projects and on campus promotion. They also run all the TLG social events during the year, including the ball in second semester. The Marketing team also overseas TLG's club divisions, and works with the volunteers to achieve TLG's shared goals in recruitment, fundraising and volunteer culture. In the past, the marketing team has overseen a rebranding process, development of new multimedia projects for advertising purposes.

Fundraising Manager
Casey Tough

The Fundraising Manager is responsible for ensuring the sustainable financial development of TLG. This involves the oversight of the Sponsorship, Alumni Engagement and Fundraising Drive Officers. Collectively, the Fundraising team works to establish new sponsors and maintain strong relationships with existing sponsors. Also, they aim to continue to grow relationships with tutors who have been involved with our programs in the past and ensure the growth of the biannual Fundraising Drive. 

Social Enterprise Manager
Kriti Sharma

As the Social Enterprise Manager, Alex works to manage the creation and incubation of businesses that create a diversified and sustainable revenue stream to support Teach Learn Grow. The role further includes setting KPIs that determine success for each generated business and creating partnerships to discover new opportunities.

Teach Learn Grow would also like to recognise our Executive Officers and Honorary Life Members