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Recruitment Timeline

11 September

RP Tutor Interview Offers sent out!

17 September

Expedited Tutor Offer - Acceptance due

15 - 27 September

RP Tutor Interviews

1 October

RP Tutor and Reserve Tutor Offers sent out!

3 October

RP Tutor and Reserve Tutor Offer - Acceptance due

13 October

Tutor Training Day 1
This day is where you'll meet your fellow Tutors and Coordinators!
New Tutors: 12:30pm - 5:15pm in Wesfarmers LT (UWA)
Returning Tutors: 1:00pm- 5:15pm in EY LT (UWA)

Keep your eyes peeled for our Mini-Olympics event held after TTD1!!

22 November

Tutor Training Day 2
Location: Wesfarmers LT (UWA)
Time: TBC

24 - 30 November

Rural Program Week 1

1 - 8 December

Rural Program Week 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Interview FAQ's 

Q - When are Tutor Interviews being held?
A - Interviews for Tutor positions on the Rural Program will be between 17 - 28 September. If you are successful, we will send you an email with a link which will allow you to book an interview time slot that would suit your availabilities. However, please be aware that this is on a first come, first serve basis so please ensure that you book a time as soon as possible.

Q - Where are Tutor Interviews held?
A - Tutor interviews will be held at UWA and ECU Mt Lawley. More information regarding the exact location of your interview will be sent out if you are successful.

Q - What happens if I cannot make any of the interview time slots?
A - Please email so we can make alternative arrangements for you if available.  

Rural Program FAQ's 

Q - Which schools are TLG visiting on the Rural Program this Summer?
A - 
Here is a list of schools we went to last semester:

Avonvale Primary School
Boddington District High School
Boulder Primary School
Brookton District High School
Coolgardie Primary School
Cue Primary School
East Kalgoorlie Primary School
Gnowangerup District High School
Kambalda West District High School
Kellerberrin District High School
Kondinin Primary School
Laverton School
Leonora District High School
Meekatharra District High School
Menzies Community School
Morawa District High School
Mount Magnet District High School
Mullewa District High School
Norseman District High School
Nullagine Primary School
Nulsen Primary School
Pia Wadjarri Remote Community School
Rangeway Primary School
Trayning Primary School
Wyalkatchem District High School
Yalgoo Primary School

Please just keep in mind that we may not be going to some of these schools this semester and it is yet to be confirmed.

Q - Can I request to go to a specific school on the Rural Program?
A -
Yes you may outline your school preferences by emailing but please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that your preferences will be fulfilled. This is because the allocation of volunteers to their respective schools is a lengthy process in which many factors need to be considered so as to best equip each school.

Q - Where will we be staying and sleeping?
- You will either be staying and sleeping in one of the rooms at the school or a community hall close by to the school. During the day, all your belongings will be safe as the doors will be locked. Please note that you will most likely be sleeping in the same room as ALL the other volunteers, so if you have an issue with sleeping in the same room as the opposite sex, then please email as soon as possible so we can make relevant arrangements for you.

Q - What are the sizes of the groups?
- RP groups range from four to 21 depending on many factors such as the school’s needs and the school’s distance from Perth.

Q - My availabilities for the Rural Program have changed since submitting my application, who should I contact about this?
A -
Please email detailing your availabilities and we will take note of your changes in availabilities.

Q - How will I get there?
- To arrive at most schools, you will take a bus and/or train to the closest station and then a school bus will pick you up and take you to your accommodation. However, a few schools may require volunteers to fly there (costs covered).

Rural Program Costs FAQ's 

Q - How much does the RP cost?
- The RP comes to no cost at all if you are a full-time student with a concession Smartrider. Otherwise, you will have to pay the difference between the adult and student transport fare.

Q - When will I get my deposit back?
- Trick question: You will NOT be required to make a deposit this semester! Instead, we will be taking your card details and any transactions can be automated. For example, if you are not a full time student, you will be required to pay part of the transport fee and thus, we will be taking some expenses from your account.

Q - I can’t attend one of the compulsory Tutor Training Days, will my deposit be affected?
- Volunteers will not be required to make a deposit this semester! Instead, we will be taking your card details and any transactions can be automated. Therefore, if you cannot attend one of the compulsory Tutor Training Days due to an unjustifiable reason such as work commitments, we will be taking some expenses from your account. However, if you are unable to attend due to a justifiable reason such as an illness or exam, no expenses will be taken from your account. Do keep in mind that each situation is a case-by-case basis, and also depends on how much of the training day you can attend so please email and detail your situation for us.

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