Rural Program

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1 Week Program


Twice a year our Rural Program sends volunteers out to rural communities on a week-long trip to conduct mathematics tutoring in primary schools.

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"It's really changed my perspective on life...just seeing the look of excitement on the students' faces as we arrived was amazing."

- Alesio Lanzara, Coordinator and CSO


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1hr online sessions over 7 Weeks


eMentor is an online-based program which provides ongoing interactive, one-on-one mentoring to upper-primary students on a weekly basis before and after the Rural Program.
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"I feel grateful to have been apart of the eMentor program. What I have learnt from my student about life for youth in rural WA will stay with me forever."

- Fi Walsh, eMentor
Become more involved

The Teach Learn Grow Executive are a team of volunteers who work together throughout the year to ensure the smooth organisation, financing and running of the Rural and eMentor Programs. The workload involves 5-10 hours per week at peak times for Executive Officers and more for our Managers and C-Tier. For more information on the Executive, visit our Executive page.

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"The volunteer Executive team has flourished into a lively environment where you have the chance to input your own vision of the programs we run and work together on making what we do and love even better. It's powered everyday by the individual and shared passion we all have for TLG's greater cause. It's also exposed me to a group of bright and like-minded people which I have learnt so much from, which I couldn't have got anywhere else!"

- Grace Roberts, Executive (Logistics Manager)