In my capacity as a TLG volunteer, and when acting in connection with TLG, I hereby agree to:

A. At all times, behave in a manner which upholds the values and integrity of TLG by:

  1. Treating all parties with respect and courtesy, and not engaging in any form of harassment or discrimination. This includes but is not limited to verbal, physical or other forms of discriminatory behaviour on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race or cultural background.

  2. Complying with all TLG policies and procedures and applicable Australian laws;

  3. Not engaging in any inappropriate behaviour with students, other volunteers, or members of the local community. What exactly comprises inappropriate behaviour shall be determined by the standards of TLG as well as any relevant legal authorities.

  4. Not engaging in conduct that causes damage or potential damage to TLG property and/or reputation.

  5. Conducting myself in a manner that does not create any unreasonable risk to the safety of myself or other members of the TLG or local community.

  6. Refraining from drug or alcohol abuse, and maintaining conduct that is consistent with the TLG Drug and Alcohol Policy.

  7. Not divulging any confidential information to a third party, and not using any confidential information in order to gain unjust pecuniary or other gains. Confidential information includes personal and other details of all individuals whom have a relationship with, or are associated or involved in TLG in any way.

  8. Respecting the rights and aspirations of all students associated with TLG, and treating all students with dignity and respect.

  9. Abiding by reasonable Occupational Health and Safety standards, including those outlined in any TLG policies.

  10. Abide by the TLG Core Values when carrying out their TLG duties or representing TLG in any capacity.

B. At all times, be committed to delivering a high standard and quality of service by:

  1. Complying with any lawful and reasonable direction given by TLG or any other party who has authority to give such direction.

  2. Carrying out all tasks in a manner maintaining reasonable ethical, professional and technical standards.

  3. Remaining in contact with my direct supervisor and other volunteers, and completing all required forms and training.

  4. Seeking and tailoring opportunities appropriate to the skills, interests and aspirations of others and of myself.

  5. Actively accepting opportunities for training and personal development.

  6. Voicing any concerns about my working relationships or quality of service to my immediate supervisor.

  7. Seeing myself as a valued team member with the right to contribute to decisions affecting work.

  8. Avoiding waste or extravagance and making proper use of resources.

  9. Following the provisions outlined in the TLG Policy Manual.

Acting in connection with TLG includes but is not limited to the any activity in the TLG workplace or at TLG events, any activity where the member is acting on behalf of TLG and any communications made by the member, in person, in writing or over social media, in relation to TLG.