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You can contribute to our educational programs which help rural and remote student's in Australia reach their full potential. Our Rural and eMentor Programs aim to - improve educational achievements, empower students, develop resilience, improve societal attitudes and inspire change.

On average, remote students are 2 years behind their metropolitan peers and 3 in 5 Indigenous students living in remote areas won't ever finish school.

Every year, TLG provides over 20,000 hours of free One-on-One tutoring and mentoring to 2,000 rural WA students.

To continue running our programs, we need your support. Our most significant costs are the transportation of our tutors to these remote communities, and to provide food and other essentials while they are away. $100 will enable a child to receive free one-on-one tuition on the Rural Program.

76% of students improved their attitude towards school.

Your support will enable TLG to provide free tutoring and mentoring to students in remote areas for years to come. For some kids, this could mean the difference between completing school or not. To see the impact our programs have had over the last 5 years, click here.

How We Use Your Donations

This chart shows where funds are used on our programs. We work hard to ensure all donations are used as efficiently and effectively as possible to bring maximum impact to students in socio-disadvantaged areas.

Estimates based on the direct costs of our 2018 Winter Program.

Our Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change encapsulates our long-term mission for social change and explains how our interventions and programs at TLG will help to make that mission come true. 

Our mission is to improve the educational outcomes and aspirations of rural and Indigenous students in socio-disadvantaged areas so that they can reach their full potential.

About Project Cool

Designed to embody the natural landscape and colours of Rural Western Australia which we aim to bridge the gap in this stylish design is perfect for all occasions. All profits from the sales of 'Project Cool' go towards supporting our programs.

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