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Different Ways of Learning Online

There is multiple ways to learn, however some of these ways are not possible with an online platform. Here are some different ways to learn digitally;

  • Visually - using pictures, images and symbols
  • Linguistically - using words (both verbal and written)
  • Physically - using your hands and bodies 
  • Socially - learning together

Ask your mentee what kind of activities they enjoy and use this information.

For example Sarah’s mentee said ‘I like learning with pictures and drawing’. Sarah then designed a comic strip based on the content. Sarah left a blank space at the end for her mentee to draw the next part of the comic strip. 

Engaging Your Mentee

After finding out more about your mentee use this information to engage them! Tailor your learning activities to suit the interests of your mentee. 

For example Jasper’s mentee loves soccer so while mentoring in leadership Jasper asked his mentee to imagine he was the captain of the Australian Socceroos! Jasper’s mentee was immediately engaged and couldn’t wait to talk about all the ways he could lead the soccer team!


Bonding with your mentee is essential for a great mentor-mentee relationship. This will also maximise the learning opportunities for your mentee. Tell your mentee about yourself and show them pictures of your pets or family! Ask your mentee about their life - their favourite food, colour, sport, holiday. Use this information in the learning activities you do together!

Learning Goals

Begin your lesson by discussing with your mentee what the learning goal is - you can base it off the learning outcome for the subtopic! This will help the mentee understand what we are trying to achieve. At the end of the lesson restate the learning goal and discuss how you have met the learning goal. This will give your mentee an opportunity to self-evaluate and reflect on their learning.