TLG would like to thank its team of volunteer Executive Officers who work tirelessly to plan the program, with the guidance of their respective managers.


  • Anthea Cheong (Education Officer)
  • Nina Horeb (Education Officer)
  • Ciara Murphy (Education Officer)
  • Ella Molendijk (Education Officer)
  • Kyra Belford-Thomas (Education Officer)


  • Sarsha Fordham (Coordinator Supervising Officer)
  • Luke Barber (Coordinator Supervising Officer)
  • Ruchira Jayasena (Transport Officer)
  • Daniel Firth (Admin Officer)
  • Remy Trusler (Schools Officer)
  • Broderick Hee (Data Innovation Officer)


  • Humna Tariq (Database Officer)
  • Rei Kristanto (Database Officer)
  • Paveena Bavanchelvam (Allocations Officer)
  • Alicia Trehern (Allocations Officer)
  • Gemma Jongeling (Interviews Officer)
  • Priya Fisher (Interviews Officer)


  • Xin Jie Tan (eMentor Officer)
  • Cara Tobin (eMentor Officer)
  • Eliza Rakich (eMentor Officer)
  • Jessica Watson (eMentor Officer)
  • Sophie Mills (eMentor Officer)

Internal Relations

  • Grace Pettigrew (Internal Relations Officer)
  • Teegan McQuinn (Internal Relations Officer)


  • Chelsea Xu (Social Media Officer)
  • Dylan Todd (Events Officer)
  • Sean Cottrill (Community Outreach Officer)
  • Connor Devlin (Multimedia Officer)
  • Sanam Morar (Marketing Officer)


  • Ashani Jeyadevan (Fundraising Officer) 
  • Ismaail Edoo (Fundraising Officer)
  • Nicole Adams (Sponsorship Officer)
  • Christine Seet (Alumni Officer)


  • Jemma Martin (Expenditure Officer)
  • Serena Russell (Expenditure Officer)
  • Isabelle Macdonald (Expenditure Officer)

Tutoring Centre

  • Claire Breidahl (Marketing Officer)
  • Juliet Brook (HR Officer)
  • Ben Chia (Database Officer)
  • Michael Hou (Allocations Officer)

Last updated and accurate as at 21 September 2017.