Our Executive Team

The Teach Learn Grow Executive is responsible for ensuring the smooth organisation, financing and running of the Rural Program, eMentor and our Tutoring Centre. The Executive is a tight-knit team who work together to facilitate the growth of our organisation.

Executive members are often faced with challenging situations that build their leadership, communication and organisation skills. Being a member of the executive team is a unique way for university students to build their professional and entrepreneurial skills. Executive members are constantly connecting with others during weekly meetings and social bonding events throughout the year. Executive positions are flexible, and we will do our best to find positions or roles for all talented and dedicated individuals, however openings are limited throughout the year.

Chief Officers
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Chief Executive Officer
Ella Ganfield

As Chief Executive Officer, Ella is responsible for the stewardship of Teach Learn Grow's strategic development. Collectively, this involves progressing fundraising through corporate and government sponsorships, social enterprise and grassroots campaigns in addition to oversight of the executive team. Ella joined TLG in 2012 where she held the roles of tutor, coordinator and Chief of Operations. In 2013 she went on to start a business called Gecko Steps which runs coding and robotics programs in WA schools.

Chief Operating Officer
Marcus Leong

Chief Financial Officer
Dhanushke Fernando

Chief Funding Manager
Cate Mansfield

Team Managers


Teach Learn Grow would also like to recognise our Honorary Life Members