Listed below are the current positions available in the respective teams on the TLG Executive.


eMentor Officer: The roles of an eMentor Officer encompass leadership and collaborative work. Officers are responsible for independently coordinating a program which includes training mentors, preparing program content, organising the logistics and troubleshooting. Additionally, eMentor Officers have team specific roles required to sustain the growth and quality of the eMentor program and TLG.


An Education Officer works collaboratively in a team to plan and implement the education programs run on the program. This includes assisting in the running of training days, creating resources to equip tutors with knowledge as well as ensuring that all resources are current, accurate and aligned with the Australian Curriculum


Expenditure Officer: The Expenditure Team oversees the online store, including ordering merchandise, liaising with marketing team to design merchandise and advertise it and replying to queries from customers. Officers' duties include processing payments, making purchases, packaging resources for the Rural Program, approving transactions and collating and tracking information on transactions, and assisting the Expenditure Manager with any other relevant tasks.


Alumni Officer: The Alumni Officer role exists to maintain and improve communication and engagement with TLG's alumni. Furthermore, they are expected to maintain communications with, and organise rewards and thank you's for our regular donors. In addition, they also assist with any alumni engagement events, liaising with the Marketing Team to do so. They also are expected to collaborate on general Fundraising Team projects.

Sponsorship Officer: The Sponsorship Officer role exists to research potential corporate sponsorships and perform initial approaches via email to potential sponsors. The Sponsorship Officer role also helps in maintaining and updating our CRM software with new developments pertaining to sponsors. This officer is also expected to collaborate on other projects led by the Fundraising Team.


Coordinator Supervising Officer: Coordinators are people with the biggest influence on how a Rural Program is delivered at each school we visit. It is the responsibility of the two Coordinator Supervising Officers (CSOs) to train and support coordinators so that they have the skills and attitudes required to execute an effective Rural Program. CSOs need to be organised and be capable managers, while also having the capacity to act as leaders and demonstrate what is expected from coordinators during the program. Before and during the program, the CSOs are the first point of call for support if coordinators are having any issues.


The Recruitment team oversees the implementation of all interview processes relevant to the Rural Program and executive applications. All officers are expected to take initiative to improve all aspects of the recruitment process, hold interviews and work as a team to create all assessment materials (questions, forms etc.).

Database Officer: The Database Officer's primary role is the creation, editing, and general maintenance of the Recruitment Google Sheets database. The officer is also expected to partake in the general RP tutor recruitment process.

Allocations Officer: The allocation officers are responsible for allocating and reallocating tutors to schools along with communicating with the Logistics team. Allocations officers are the first point of contact for tutors who have any issues or queries regarding their application, school allocation or any special requests. Due to this communication, these officers are expected to adopt a highly professional etiquette to correctly represent TLG.

Interview Officer: The interview officers are responsible for the logistical organisation of all interview phases during the recruitment process. This includes arranging interview times, places and communicating that to all of those involved.

Tutoring Centre

The Social Enterprise team is responsible for developing and innovating TLG's business arm with the vision of sustainably supporting the organisation's rural operations through enterprise. In the last six months, the team has reinvented the TLG Tutoring Centre which employs outstanding university students. The role of a Social Enterprise Officer is to work alongside the team to further develop, refine and grow the TLG Tutoring Centre in addition to exploring other enterprise opportunities.

Marketing Officer: This role calls for creativity! It provides a great opportunity to master multiple online marketing platforms as well to develop organizational and interpersonal skills. The Marketing Officer manages and maintains our advertisements and online presence, using marketing platforms such as Google Adwords and Facebook. They also create marketing content for the Tutoring Centre such as flyers and posters.

Allocations Officer: This role provides a fantastic opportunity to improve spreadsheet and interpersonal skills, as well as to meet dozens of new people! Your main responsibility is to match new clients to existing tutors using the Tutoring Centre Database.