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Make a Real Difference

Through our Rural Program and eMentor Program, we consistently improve student's attitudes towards school and help them achieve better learning outcomes. By joining TLG, you're joining an organization committed to making a difference.

Learn New Skills

By joining one of WA's fastest growing charities, you learn important workplace skills such as effective presenting and proposal writing that aren't always covered in university. You also develop role specific skills that can be invaluable in the future. 

Be part of our Family

Everyone at TLG is committed to bringing change and making a difference. When you work in such an environment, it becomes more than just joining a volunteer organization - its joining a new family!


To learn more about our current Executive, please visit our Executive page

Applications to join the Executive in Semester 2, 2018 have now closed. Please check back towards the end of the year if you are interested in joining the Executive in 2019.

At TLG, every role is important.

All executives attend 1 team meeting per week and work closely with their Manager to complete projects on time. The average time commitment for an executive officer role is 5 hours a week. Read through the following role descriptions below to find out which role is for you!

Allocations Officer | Tutoring Centre
  • Maintain an efficient system to manage and schedule clients, tutors and lessons.
  • Improve the efficiency of the Tutoring Centre’s current online systems and records
  • Assign suitable tutors to Tutoring Centre clients, and communicate this information to relevant parties
Finance Officer | Tutoring Centre
  • Create and maintain databases used by the Tutoring Centre
  • Create application forms using JotForm
  • Work in close conjunction with the Finance team to organise payment of weekly tutor payments
  • Monitor incoming payments to ensure all overdue invoices are followed up
  • Organize financial data and invoices to ensure smooth operation of the Tutoring Centre.

Strongly desirable skills: Google Sheets and database experience

Human Resources Officer | Tutoring Centre
  • Serve as the main point of contact for current tutors, including assisting with planning workshops and social events
  • Liaise with tutors about relevant marketing information, and communicate any questions or issues to the Tutoring Centre team
  • Assist with the tutor recruitment process, including organising Tutor Induction and Training Days
Fundraising Officer | Fundraising
  • Be involved in overseeing the TLG metropolitan schools' Fundraising Drive
  • Work with the fundraising team to organise and carry out the operations of the biannual tutor Fundraising Drive
  • Continuously developing and implementing new ideas for the Fundraising Drive
  • Presentations to tutors and coordinators
Sponsorships Officer | Fundraising
  • Research potential corporate sponsorship opportunities
  • Find contact details for employees of the companies and make initial contact to set up meetings for the TLG CEO
  • Maintaining awareness of relationships with current sponsors, and implementing initiatives such as “thank-you gifts” to maintain such relationships.
Database Officer | Fundraising
  • Maintenance and regularly updating the Fundraising Database and website page
  • Developing new databases to facilitate the Grants and Sponsorship roles
  • Running the Schools Afternoon - extending TLG Fundraising to various High Schools
  • Assisting with other officer tasks

Strongly desirable skills: Google Sheets and database experience

Grants Officer | Fundraising
  • Finding and submitting grant applications for TLG
  • Working to create a database to facilitate this role
  • Researching into innovative fundraising techniques and methods
  • Assisting with other officer tasks
University Club President | Clubs
  • Lead the local TLG University Club in running events, fundraising and increasing awareness of TLG within their University. 
  • Facilitate compliance with the University’s Guild and club policies.
  • Build a strong team and club culture within the university TLG club

3 positions are open for the 3 universities: UWA, Curtin and Notre Dame. Applicants must be a student at the university.

Database Officer | eMentor
  • Work with a co-Database Officer to ensure the successful running of eMentor’s technical needs
  • Monitor and innovate student tracking procedures - enabling the program to be tailored to the needs of each individual mentee
  • Coordinate an eMentor program
  • Work with the eMentor team to create mentoring content, organise mentor recruitment and training, and work towards innovating a plan for the future of eMentor

Strongly desirable skills: Google Sheets and database experience

CSO | Coordinator Support
  • Leaders in all aspects of coordinator training, support and organisation with help from the Coordinator Support Manager and COO - this includes running 3 coordinator training sessions and nightly coordinator check-ins on the RP
  • Aid in the writing of questions and conducting interviews for coordinator recruitment
  • Be the main point of contact on the Rural Program for emergencies and queries

Required skills: Past coordinator experience
*This role has a time commitment of about 6-7 hours per week.

Education Officer | Education
  • Development and constant renewal of TLG’s educational program for the RP. 
  • Facilitate Interactive training days and run education segments of tutor training days.
  • Develop initiatives that enhance the student and tutor experience of education. 

Required skills: Education student with an understanding of current education theory.

Store Officer | Finance
  • Responsible for running of the TLG store which includes packing, delivering and responding to customer feedback
  • Innovate new products for the TLG Store and source and liaise with suppliers.
  • Conduct market research for viability of new items and to identify trends in charity-based merchandise.
  • Run store promotions such as raffles and giveaways at TLG events
Transport & Training Officer | Logistics
  • Organise transport for the Rural Program, liaising closely with charter companies and TransWA
  • Plan and facilitate Tutor Training Days and Wind Up Day, working closely with the Logistics Manager
  • Liaise with other teams and other Logistics team members to develop training content and communicate deadlines with Tutors and Coordinators
NSW Officer | Logistics
  • Organise the logistics of the NSW Rural Program in collaboration with the Logistics Team and other executive teams
  • Organise transport for the RP, liaise with school contacts and serve as a point of communication for the rest of the Executive regarding the NSW RP
  • Strong organisational and communication skills are imperative to this role, and databasing knowledge or a willingness to learn is important.
Events Coordinator | Marketing
  • Promote and market TLG events, such as the cocktail night and the annual ball, to the appropriate audience
  • Take charge of the overall running of these events, including administering ticket sales and contacting venues and stakeholders
  • Work with the social media officer and TLG University Clubs to run marketing campaigns for events
Public Relations Officer | Marketing
  • Promote and run TLG Alumni, including the quarterly newsletter, to the appropriate audience
  • Responsible for the overall running of the Public Relations program including stakeholder contact
  • Assisting promotional activities for events and programs with sponsorship prizes
  • Communicate effectively to ensure the success of all partnerships
Interview Officer | Recruitment
  • Organise and schedule interviews for the RP recruitment process
  • Aid in writing questions and conducting interviews for the RP recruitment process
  • Help out with the recruitment processes of other teams (eMentor, TC) when required
  • Uphold the integrity of the recruitment process
Marketing and Communications Officer | Marketing
  • Create flyers and posters for a range of TLG events, using Canva, Photoshop or similar software
  • Create articles for newspaper agencies and schools to publish
  • Assist with creating, planning and executing unique projects with the Marketing Manager and CFO for TLG marketing campaigns to maximise applications and fundraising profits

Strongly desirable skills: Photo and/or video editing skills