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Welcome to the Rural Program!

Yay! You're now officially a TLG Tutor!

You are about to embark on a week long journey with a bunch of like-minded, enthusiastic individuals to a remote community in WA where you will have the opportunity to make a real difference to the education of children at a rural school.

Click here for a rough outline of the Rural Program.

Important Dates


Tutor Training Day 1

Tutor Training Day 2

Interactive Training

Rural Program

Wind Up Day


Oct 21st | 8.50am - 1pm

Nov 23rd | 4pm - 6.30pm

Oct 30th - Nov 2nd
(attend only 1 day for 2 hours)

Week 1: Nov 26th - Dec 3rd
Week 2: Dec 3rd - Dec 10th

Dec 17th |  9am - 11am


ECU Building 3, Room 201

UWA Ross Lecture Theatre

All Saints College / 
Challis Primary School

Rural WA

ECU Building 17, Room 157

Query Form for Changes in Availability

If you are unable to attend TTD1 or TTD2 please complete the above form. 
* Don't forget to let your Coordinators know too! *

Training and Quizzes



Policy Quiz

Training Day Slides



Oct 28th


Community Info

Distance from Perth: 280 km south-east of Perth / 3 hour drive.
Local People: Noongar
Indigenous Dialect: : Njaki Njaki
Population: approx 300
Reception: Telstra
Supermarket: IGA
Nearest Station: Kondinin

Local Landmarks: Wave Rock

School Info

Founded in: 1917

Size: 29 students | K-6
Indigenous Students: 47%
Attendance Rate: 90.3%
ICSEA: 853
Principal: Simon Paton
Deputy Principal: -
Teaching Resources Available: comprehensive

Accomodation: Kondinin Football Club (off campus)
Showers: 4
Kitchen facilities: Kondinin Football Club - well equipped. Tutors to bring own cutlery, plates and tea towels.

Pre RP

Kondinin School Specific Database

Kondinin Fundraising Drive

Post RP

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