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The Teach Learn Grow Executive are a team of volunteers who work together throughout the year to ensure the smooth organisation, financing and running of the Rural and eMentor Programs. The workload involves 5-10 hours per week at peak times for Executive Officers and more for our Managers and C-Tier. For more information on the Executive, visit our Executive page.

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"The volunteer Executive team has flourished into a lively environment where you have the chance to input your own vision of the programs we run and work together on making what we do and love even better. It's powered everyday by the individual and shared passion we all have for TLG's greater cause. It's also exposed me to a group of bright and like-minded people which I have learnt so much from, which I couldn't have got anywhere else!"

- Grace Roberts, Past TLG Executive and Honorary Life Member

Apply for the next Rural Program
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The Rural Program is our flagship program aimed at bridging the gap in educational disparity and supporting disadvantaged children in rural communities. Twice a year, over 300 TLG volunteers spend a week in rural WA across 23 schools in support of TLG's mission. You can join them too and make a change. Want more of a challenge? Try your hand at Coordinating a Rural Program .

"Applying for the TLG Rural Program has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. In all the rural programs I ahve participated in, I have made so many lifelong friends, been so welcomed into different amazing communities and met a huge amount of amazing rural and remote students! It has definitely been one of the best experiences in my life - this Rural Program will be my 12th one!"

- Paton White, 2017 Summer Rural Program Coordinator

Try our eMentor Program
Learn to be a Mentor

The eMentor Program is designed to sustain and increase TLG's impact in rural communities; covering important Personal and Social Capabilities such as Cybsersafety and Goal-Setting. Over 7 weeks, mentees receive 1 hour of 1-on-1 mentoring from a personal university mentor - that could be you!

"eMentor provides students the opportunity to speak with someone one on one through what can be a really difficult and emotional time in their lives. Being there for the student every week and being able to give them the tools and skills they need to succeed in life is an incredible feeling, and you really see the impact you create and the bond you forge with your mentee over the course of the program."

- Danielle Shim, First time eMentor

Tutor for the TLG Tutoring Centre
Work for a Good Cause

The TLG Tutoring Centre is an not-for-profit tutoring agency that helps students in metropolitian perth access high quality university tutors. We believe in renumerating our tutors fairly, and 100% of our profits flow directly back into the rural program to support TLG's mission. Apply to be a TC Tutor today!

"The TLG Tutoring Centre is a really great place for university students to work and provide for themselves, while at the same time supporting a great cause. It really is amazing to know that every hour of tuition tutors provide for the TC funds one hour of free tuition on the Rural Program. Tutors also enjoy to ability to set their own tuition hours and location, and how much they want to tutor each week. "

- Marcus Leong, Tutoring Centre Co-Founder