TLG Partner Spotlight: Officeworks East Perth

Teach Learn Grow partners with organisations who share similar values, and missions that aim for kindred goals to engage education and community growth.

Officeworks is a national organisation committed to improving childrens’ education, creating a sustainable society, and making a positive difference in local communities across the country.

Throughout the month of June, Officeworks runs the Round Up To Make A Difference (RUTMAD) campaign. Customers shopping in-store are able to support a local community group by simply rounding-up the value of their purchase to the nearest dollar, or by making a donation to the cause.

The East Perth Officeworks store chose Teach Learn Grow as their community group for the June 2019 RUTMAD campaign, where their community focused team, led by Business Manager Bhavin Patel, worked hard to raise as many funds for TLG as possible.

“Our team have done amazing things in store to support TLG” said Mr Patel. “At East Perth we are passionate about educational groups, especially those that align with our community strategy at Officeworks. We chose to support TLG as we believe that every student should have access to sufficient education, regardless of their socioeconomic status, and TLG provides this to a number of students around the country.”

East Perth Officeworks Technology Coordinator, Alysha McKenzie-Ferguson described the range of activities run in store to promote the campaign, saying “we engaged the entire team to come up with fundraising ideas to help raise as much as we could for TLG. We had a raffle running for the month of June available to our customers, and set up trees where different coloured leaves could be added based on donations. We ran competitions amongst the team for the highest fundraiser, as well as auctions, and enjoyed our weekend ‘wear your jeans to work day’ for a gold coin donation.”

The highlights for the East Perth team “were seeing the entire team’s passion and excitement throughout the month of June. The TLG team visits were engaging and an eye-opener to understand how the funds raised will support so many students. To know that as a store we contributed to over 250 hours of tutoring is incredibly heartwarming and where we find the most joy. We can’t wait to see this partnership grow!”

The East Perth Officeworks raised an incredible $2,712.47, suprassing their original fundraising goal of $1,700! The funds will be donated directly to TLG’s eMentor and Rural Program. This June, Officeworks raised more than $646,265 for community groups across the country.

Thank you Officeworks and the East Perth store team!

L to R: Cate (TLG), Max (TLG), Bridget (TLG), Alysha (Officeworks), Bhavin (Officeworks), Tyrone (Officeworks), Wendy (Officeworks).

L to R: Cate (TLG), Max (TLG), Bridget (TLG), Alysha (Officeworks), Bhavin (Officeworks), Tyrone (Officeworks), Wendy (Officeworks).