TLG News: Disc Graceful Ultimate Tournament

On Saturday 17 August, the Disc Graceful Ultimate Club WA (the Club) held a frisbee tournament to raise funds for a number of local not-for-profit organisations.

The Club is a sporting community aimed at creating inclusive and competitive mixed ultimate frisbee culture in Perth, and aimed to increase awareness about the causes and organisations through the tournament.

Ultimate is a non-contact team sport played with a frisbee, and is an athletic and fast paced sport that integrates aspects of touch football, grid-iron and netball. Ultimate is the only recognised sport to be self-refereed, due to the ‘Spirit of the Game’, and players are responsible for knowing the rules well and understanding the meaning of fair play.

TLG was chosen as a charity for the tournament because of the Club’s interest in and support of education equality for all Australians. Team member, Sara-Ann Lin stated “the team values education. We would like to support TLG so you can keep doing what you’re doing!”

Each team on the day represented a different organisation, and received the donations associated with their final place on the ladder at the end of the tournament. Over 92 people attended the fundraising frisbee event and helped to raise a combined total of $2,211!

The ‘Green Team’, representing TLG, finished in 6th place, and received $177 (or 8%) of the funds raised on the day.

Thank you to the Disc Graceful Ultimate Club WA for their support and donation to TLG. Together, we can bridge the Australian education gap and achieve equal education opportunities for all Australian children.

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