TLG Alumni Spotlight: Layaal Mikhael

Congratulations to TLG’s UWA Club President, Layaal Mikhael, who was a finalist for UWA Student Volunteer of the Year, in the UWA Guild Volunteering Awards for 2019. Layaal was recognised for her efforts with organisations Teach Learn Grow, Dr Yes and other external organisations.

Becoming the TLG UWA Club President in January 2019, Layaal has been running a tight ship, with a large TLG committee at UWA that aims to spread TLG’s mission. The committee hold a range of events, kicked off with O’Day, fundraise, and educate their peers about the Australian education gap, and how they can get involved and support the cause.

Layaal Mikhael first heard about Teach Learn Grow while in high school at All Saints College. Layaal was “fortunate enough to go on the first school trip that TLG sent off to Bayulu Remote Community School”, in the Kimberley, which exposed Layaal to the Australian education gap. While in years 11 and 12 at All Saints College, students can attend a Rural Program with their peers as part of the TLG Immersion Program. This offers high school students the opportunity to learn about the socio-economic and -educational disadvantages experienced in rural and remote communities before reaching university.

Once at UWA, studying Medical Sciences and Economics, Layaal signed up to go on her second Rural Program, as a university student, and has provided one-on-one tutoring to students at Gnowangerup District High School, in Gnowangerup.

“What motivated me to apply for the TLG Executive was wanting to be a part of a family like TLG not just during the [Rural and eMentor] programs, but for the whole year. I also really wanted to educate others about TLG and how amazing their programs are.”

Now in her second year of study, Layaal continually gives back by volunteering endless hours of her time to TLG, providing leadership to her committee of 15+ fellow UWA students, and it is a testament to her achievements and ongoing commitment, that she has been recognised by the UWA Guild Volunteering Awards.

“I have learnt so many skills while in my position on the TLG Executive. I go to some upskilling sessions run by TLG that have taught me databasing skills, conflict resolution, event planning and management, how to use canva, and how to present. Through being UWA Club President, I have learnt how to manage people and delegate, leadership and communication skills, along with organisation, minute taking and even finance skills.”

Layaal and the TLG UWA committee run and attend numerous events on campus throughout each semester, promoting the TLG programs, and the life-changing experience students can have, if they apply and jump at the oppprtunity.

“My best TLG experience was on my last Rural Program. One of the students I was lucky enough to work with didn’t believe in himself and his abilities. By the end of the week, by engaging with his love for AFL and running him through being an AFL coach - so making him a leader - he wrote on his feedback sheet that the biggest thing he learnt was that he could do anything he put his mind to and my heart literally melted.”

Layaal continues to spread awareness of TLG and the education gap across the UWA campus and beyond.

TLG is extremely grateful to have volunteers like Layaal, who devote so much time and energy to motivating others and bridging that gap a little more each day.

If you’d like to apply for a program, get involved on the TLG Executive, or get in contact please email

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