TLG Sponsor Spotlight: South32 Worsley Alumina

This week Teach Learn Grow signed a two year Sponsorship Agreement with South32 Worsley Alumina (South32), to continue their sponsorship until July 2021.

The Agreement means that South32 will continue to fund the TLG Rural Program to visit Boddington District High School in Boddington, for the summer and winter programs over the next two financial years.

TLG relies heavily on the funding support of organisations like South32, who have a vested interest in the program and its impact on the local community. TLG has been visiting Boddington DHS since June 2018, and has seen a positive impact in all students who receive one-on-one tutoring and mentoring from our volunteers.

TLG Volunteer, Aneeqa Patankar spoke of her time Coordinating the week-long program at Boddington, saying that “spending the week at Boddington District High School was an unforgettable experience, not only because we were able to build relationships with our students inside and outside the classroom, but also after school when we were welcomed to community events like Netball and AusKick with open arms.”

“Such bonds were evident in students who were at first too shy to talk to their tutors on the Monday to eagerly asking them to play games with them after school by Friday. We as volunteers were more rewarded by this experience than we could have ever imagined, and were sad to leave our students whom we had seen so much rapid growth in!”

The 2018 Impact Report showed that 90% of Boddington DHS students tutored achieved understanding of their individually assigned educational outcome, with the remaining 10% achieving a significant improvement. In the same report, data showed that 100% of students enjoyed having TLG at school, would like TLG to come back again, and think they are better at maths since taking part in the program.

South32’s bauxite minesite is located 10km from the town of Boddington, and has been an optimal avenue for South32 to focus on giving back to the Boddington community. Bauxite mining has been underway in the South West of Australia since the 1980s and South32’s production of the resource has increased four-fold over the past three decades.

Just an hour and half drive outside of Perth, Boddington DHS is a school that reaps the benefits of the TLG Rural Program. Students receive the Sprouts stream, which focuses on mathematics, and tutors spend the week engaging and encouraging students, to bridge the gap/s in their understanding of educational outcomes.

TLG is looking forward to returning to Boddington DHS in December, continuing to support students who are experiencing disadvantage to catch up, build confidence and resilience, and reach their full educational potential.

Thank you South32 for your support!

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Teach Learn Grow Volunteers and Boddington District High School students during the June 2019 TLG Rural Program

Teach Learn Grow Volunteers and Boddington District High School students during the June 2019 TLG Rural Program

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