Alumni Spotlight: Sophie

Sophie Mills began her TLG journey in 2016.

She was a long time volunteer with TLG, attending three Rural Programs and three eMentor programs. Sophie is now known as Miss Mills, after graduating from the University of Western Australia with her Masters in Teaching.

Sophie has moved to a rural community, and is now working as a teacher at one of our partner schools, East Kalgoorlie Primary School! During her time as a university student, Sophie was on the TLG Executive eMentor team for 18 months, which she described as a “unique experience, working passionately with people who became my best friends, towards an important goal”.

Sophie has “always been interested in teaching and rural education” and “wanted to make a difference in the lives of students in my classroom and hopefully contribute positively to their learning experiences”.

As for now being a teacher at one of the schools TLG works with? Sophie says it is her best TLG experience to date.  “Seeing the lasting impact that Teach Learn Grow has on the students of the school and the excitement of the students when they talk about their tutors from last year or their mentoring session they had last week”.

How incredible to hear how being involved in TLG has shaped the life Sophie now leads! We're so grateful for the time she has devoted to improving the opportunities available to rural students and her passion for doing so - thank you Sophie.

Sophie Mills pictured at East Kalgoorlie Primary School earlier this year.