Step up and Make a Difference

Becoming an eMentor or Rural Program Coordinator is your chance to have a greater impact in the organisation, develop some new skills and meet other passionate like-minded people all while having an amazing time. Teach Learn Grow would not be able to run its programs and reach as many students without our volunteer coordinators.

As a Coordinator you work closely in a pair with your Co-Coordinator to oversee the successful running of one of our programs at a school. This includes liaising with the school regularly, training volunteers before the program, supporting them during program, and creating an awesome culture through organising socials and events.


How to Become a Coordinator

Coordinators volunteer additional time in the lead up to and during our programs to arrange the logistics and provide support to our tutors and mentors.


Coordinators are selected through a two stage process:
Stage One is an online assessment where you can show us your passion and let us know why you want to take on a leadership role in our programs.
Stage Two is an in person interview, this is your chance to let us know more about your leadership skills and ability to manage other volunteers.


All Coordinators are trained on how to prepare and run and effective program at coordinator training sessions. Through-out the program coordinators are supported by our Coordinator Support Officers, the Executive Team and their fellow Co-Coordinator.

Qualities of a Coordinator

We are constantly seeking passionate leaders to help us run our programs.

Coordinators embody TLG's Mission, Vision and Values in the lead up to and during our Programs. Their energy and positive attitude are integral to ensuring every program is a positive experience and all our volunteers behave in an appropriate and professional way.



Leadership is an integral part of being a Coordinator as you will need to lead your volunteers, both before and during program.



Coordinators have many different tasks to complete in preparation for a program, such as allocating tutors/mentors with students.



You will be in constant contact with your Co-Coordinator, our Executive Team, your volunteers and school staff.

Coordinator Responsibilites

Before the Program

  • Act as a representative of TLG
  • Regularly liase with the school to confirm program logistics
  • Maintain contact with tutors/mentors about important dates and answer any questions
  • Run bonding activities with your volunteers
  • Prepare a plan and budget for the program
  • Purchase program essentials, e.g. food for the Rural Program (with funds supplied by TLG)

Both the eMentor and Rural Program rely on Volunteer Coordinators

During the Program

  • Ensure volunteer health and wellbeing
  • Maintain regular contact with the school
  • Ensure sessions run smoothly and professionally
  • Find ways to engage with the broader school community
  • Provide updates to the Coordinator Support Officers

After the Program

  • Ensure volunteers complete all surveys and reports
  • Return program resources
  • Write a program report for future Coordinators

What do our volunteers get out of it?

are now more confident about being a leader
developed skills during the program which can be applied to daily life
understand the factors that affect the development and growth of youth

How can you get involved?