Responsibilities of a Coordinator

Before the RP
  • Attend Coordinator Training Days
  • Run bonding activities with your Tutors
  • Prepare a meal plan and food budget
  • Purchase food (with funds supplied by TLG)
  • Liaise with your Tutors regularly
  • Liase with the school regularly
  • Fundraise for TLG
During the RP
  • Debrief your Tutor group daily
  • Liaise regularly with the staff at your school
  • Ensure tutoring sessions go well
  • Run activities for your group
  • Ensure Tutor health and wellbeing
  • Contact your Coordinator Supervising Officers each day
After the RP
  • Follow up the submission of your Tutor's Student Reports and Tutor Surveys
  • Return numerous items to TLG
  • Submit an Expenditure form
  • Write your own Coordinator Report about the week-long Rural Program at your school

Qualities of a Coordinator


Leadership is an integral part of being a TLG Coordinator, and you will need to lead your Tutors by example, both leading up to and on the TLG Rural Program. As a Coordinator you will find yourself leading your team on a daily basis. This will include tasks such as planning activities and schedules, promoting policies and rules, resolving conflicts within your group, and ensuring everyone knows what's happening and when.

By leading, Coordinators should empower others in the team to strive to achieve their very best on the Rural Program.


Leading up to the Rural Program, Coordinators will be expected to complete many different tasks, such as organising meal plans, food budgets, and attending Coordinator Training Days and Tutor Training Days. As a Coordinator you will be constantly communicating with the TLG Executive Team, as well as Tutors.

Strong organisation and time management are key qualities in order for you to stay on top of all of your Coordinator tasks.


Being a TLG Coordinator requires you to be in constant communication with your Co-Coordinator as well as the TLG Executive Team. This enables you to stay up to date with any and all information heading your way, and also allows TLG as an organisation to support you in your personal Coordinating Journey. Throughout your time as a coordinator, you will also need to liaise regularly with your tutor group and the staff at your school.

Your communication internally within TLG and externally with your school will need to be appropriate, professional and clear at all times.

Embody the Culture of TLG

As a Coordinator you will need to embody TLG’s Mission, Vision and Values in the lead up to and during the Rural Program. This includes maintaining a positive attitude, as this is integral to ensuring the Rural Program is a positive experience for everyone, and behaving in an appropriate and professional way.

Coordinators set the energy level of the group and encourage others to continue in that way. Being one of the leaders of your team, a Coordinator needs to be able to lift the team's energy when some Tutors might be feeling low. Being energetic throughout the Rural Program and on the Training Days will encourage your team to mirror your energy and influence them to continue to promote the same energy and positivity during the program.

As a Coordinator you will also be dealing with many different situations both leading up to and on your Rural Program. Being a compassionate and understanding person will help you to communicate with people on your team in a positive and helpful manner. It will enableyou to effectively and fairly resolve any conflicts, as well as provide additional support to Tutors who may be struggling throughout the week.

As you can see, you and your Co-Coordinator will be solely responsible for determining the culture of the Rural Program!

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