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Our flagship week-long Rural Program sends volunteers to disadvantaged rural primary schools in Australia to mentor and tutor students one-on-one in knowledge gaps.


Volunteers are recruited and trained


Tutors are mobilised to schools across WA and NSW


Students are provided with 1-to-1 tutoring


Engagement with the community

The Education Gap


TLG's Solution


Our WA Schools

The Students

Each student is paired with their very own tutor for the week, who they see twice a day for tutoring. In these sessions they participate in interactive maths activities tailored to their learning, often outside, as well as working with any learning difficulties. Together with their tutor the student works towards a mathematics outcome which their teacher has identified as an area that they are struggling in.

The Volunteers

Tutors are paired one-on-one with three students each across Years 1 to 6, who they see for two periods every day each during the week. During these sessions tutors conduct tailored, self-planned activities in an Australian Curriculum mathematics outcome which they aren't grasping vital concepts in. In the afternoons, volunteers may attend community events or visits and spend time planning for their next day's tutoring of their students together. Each school-specific program is managed by a pair of coordinators, who support the tutors at the school and liaise with the school to organise the program logistics.

The Schools

Our schools accommodate our volunteers in their timetable so tutors can visit each classroom of students everyday between teaching classes, and allow us to use their teaching resources. We visit schools based on our own criteria modelled on the Gonski Report's findings about the factors of disadvantage. These include the ICSEA (Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage) scores of schools, level of remoteness, as well as their Indigenous student percentage.


  • June/July program OR
  • Nov/Dec program
  • The week after exams for most universities
  • How?

  • TransWA or NSW TrainLink services
  • School buses may also drive part of the way

  • Where?

  • 1 rural school in WA or NSW for the week
  • Accommodation in school classrooms overnight
  • Cost?

  • Free for full-time students
  • If not, you simply need to cover the remainder of the TransWA or NSW TrainLink fare

  • Wondering what difference you could make?

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