Our Vision is for every Australian child to have equal opportunities in education, regardless of their location, background or circumstance.

Our mission is to improve the educational outcomes and aspirations of rural and remote students in socioeconomic disadvantaged areas so that they can reach their full potential. We are working to bridge the education gap in Australia through achieving five core goals.

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Improving student educational achievement. We tangibly achieve this through one-on-one tutoring support in knowledge gaps identified by student's teachers. Our outcomes are aligned with the Australian Curriculum and quantitative improvements are measured over time.

Student Achievement

Empowering students to reach their potential through the value of education, goal-setting and valuable working lives. We send young, transformative and well-educated volunteers who act as role models to the students who care about their learning, support them in their goals and open them up to their opportunities.

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Equipping students with resilience to withstand any hardships they may face in their life. Our volunteers act as mentors to the students in all our programs, but we specifically mentor students in bullying, peer pressure and goal-setting in our eMentor program to develop their emotional awareness and self-respect.

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Improving societal attitudes towards education. Our programs foster engagement between the school and wider community. Through these capacity building experiences, we strive to transform the multi-generational attitudes towards education to support the ambitions of the students.

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Inspiring a movement of young people to influence change within education. Our alumni are a growing movement of individuals that progress to positions of leadership across all industries. By exposing our volunteers to the realities of educational inequity, they are able to share and act upon their experiences to continue to influence change within education beyond our programs.


We improve wellbeing

Students Running


observed improved behaviour, enthusiasm for school and self-confidence in students

We increase awareness



now feel more aware of the socioeconomic factors that affect educational outcomes

We improve confidence

Student with hand up


believe learning will help them achieve their life and career goals after participating in our programs

We inspire to teach

Teacher in classroom


who don't currently study education now consider teaching as a potential career

Our Reports

We run two programs side-by-side which occur biannually every year to sustain our impact within the communities we visit. The Rural Program follows WA School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) or NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) mathematics outcomes provided by each student's teacher and every student is paired with a unique tutor. The eMentor program covers a range of topics with a specific focus on building personal skills and emotional intelligence based on the Australian Curriculum General Capability: Personal and Social Capability outcomes.

Our programs are designed to complement each other, as upper-primary students participating in our week-long Rural Program are chosen to for the eight weeks of specialised online mentoring in the eMentor Program to provide extra support before their transition to high school.


2018 Impact Report