Volunteer Tutors are recruited and attend training days


Tutors prepare and conduct 1-on-1 interactive tutoring with each child every day for a week


Attitudinal and academic improvements are measured at the end of the program

Supporting children experiencing educational disadvantage

In Australia, three out of five children from rural and remote areas will not graduate high school. No matter where they live, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island children or those from low socioeconomic households also have similarly low graduation rates.

Teach Learn Grow is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting Australian children experiencing disadvantage and working towards an Australia where every child is empowered to reach their full potential.


The Two Streams


The primary focus of Sprouts is one-on-one mathematics tutoring. Before the program outcomes are selected by teachers for each individual student. Our outcomes cover Foundation to Year Seven in both the Number and Algebra, and Measurement and Geometry mathematics strands. Students are assessed through outcome testing using worksheets developed by our Education team at the beginning and end of week to determine a student's level of ability and improvement.


The Saplings Stream is typically run at schools with lower attendance rates. The main focus is on increasing school engagement through one-on-one tutoring to encourage and promote student enthusiasm about learning. Similarly to Sprouts, outcomes are selected for each individual student. Our Tutors will then use a range of interactive activities to engage their student in the learning areas of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics), Drama and Reading.
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3 Years

Students from the lowest socioeconomic households are on average three years behind those from the highest.

Program Overview

Teach Learn Grow's Rural Program provides free one-on-one tutoring and mentoring to primary students experencing educational disadvantage. Over one intensive week students participate in mathematics tutoring while our passionate Perth-based volunteers encourage and promote enthusiasm about learning.

Students participate in either the Sprouts, which focuses on the mathematics tutoring, or Saplings, which focuses on school engagement, depending on the school's focus. Tutors will either take your students out of the classroom or come into the classroom for approximately two hours each day. In each session, highly interactive and engaging activites and games are used to work on an Australian Curriculum aligned outcome selected by their teacher.

Our volunteer tutors stay overnight at the school, often in a spare classroom or the library. After school tutors will develop lesson plans tailored to their student and engage in the broader communities we visit.

The Rural Program runs twice a year, normally in the second last or final week of Term 2 and similarly at the end of Term 4. Each program Teach Learn Grow's volunteer executive team recruits, trains and prepares a group of well-educated volunteers to become tutors.


Our Impact:



of students improved their attitudes towards school



of teachers observed an increase in student engagement



of teachers observe increased interest in tertiary studies

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Our Volunteer Tutors

Tutors volunteer one full week to provide in person, one-on-one support to rural and remote students.


Tutors are selected through a two stage process:
Stage One is an online assessment where you can show your passion and let us know why you want to participate in the Rural Program.
Stage Two is an in person interview, this is your chance to let us know more about your motivations, tutoring ability and ability to work in a team.


All tutors are trained on tutoring and engagement strategies to build a constructive relationship with their students while on the program. Tutors also receive cultural and ability awareness training. Through-out the program tutors are supported by our volunteer Executive Team, the Rural Program Coordinators and their fellow tutors.


We provide comprehensive booklets and educational resources for all aspects of the program. Tutors are however also encouraged to source further materials when tailoring sessions for their student. Tutors are provided with materials to run activities planned by TLG but need to bring their own tutoring resources.

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The Students

Teach Learn Grow works with schools based a number of factors such as ICSEA (Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage) score, level of remoteness and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student percentage. The Rural Program is also run in partnership with our eMentor Program to maximise and best sustain our impact.

Primarily primary school students, Years 1 - 6/7, are selected for the Rural Program by school and teaching staff. If we are unable to tutor all students at the school, the program targets students who are working at a lower academic level than their peers. They are then paired with a university tutor using recommondations from teachers.

The students interact with their tutor twice a day for one week at times selected by the school. In addition to the mathematics outcome selected by their school our tutors aim to inspire students through their personal education journey to attend high school and further education.

What do our volunteers get out of it?

are now more confident about being a leader
developed skills during the program which can be applied to daily life
understand the factors that affect the development and growth of youth

How can you get involved?